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The ForestValue2 transnational call for proposals, dedicated to advancing the sustainable utilisation of forests and their resources while promoting societal, environmental, and economic benefits, successfully concluded on 1st of September 2023. A total of 25 innovative proposals were submitted, reflecting the strong commitment of experts and organisations to fostering positive change within forest ecosystems. Finally, 21 proposals were deemed as eligible and they have now undergone a scientific evaluation by an independent international expert panel.

The diverse spectrum of topics in this self-sustained Joint Call, without EU co-funding, demonstrates the multifaceted approach taken by these 21 proposals:

  • 10 proposals are dedicated to “Resilient sustainable forest systems and management.”
  • Another 11 proposals focus on “Sustainable timber building systems.”

All 21 proposals have undergone a rigorous scientific evaluation by an independent international expert panel. Each proposal was assessed by three experts, with the final ranking decided collectively by the expert panel.

Finally, in their meeting on 12 December 2023, the participating funding agencies subsequently matched the ranked proposals to the available public funding and came up with a list of proposals to be recommended for funding. The results have been communicated to the applicants, however, since the final funding decisions will be taken by the participating funding agencies in the negotiations with their national applicants, no details of the selected proposals can be communicated earlier.

The funded initiatives are poised to make significant contributions to the field and they are expected to commence in the early summer of 2024 at latest, marking the beginning of an exciting journey toward sustainable forest management and timber building systems.