Joint Call 2017 (JC 2017)







ForestValue Call for Proposals closed on 23rd of January 2018 (13:00 CET)

The primary purpose of the ForestValue Joint Call 2017 is to contribute to transforming the global economy from a dependence on fossil and non-renewable raw materials to a sustainable “bio-based economy”. The primary purpose of the ForestValue Joint Call 2017 is to contribute to transforming the global economy from a dependence on fossil and non-renewable raw materials to a sustainable “bio-based economy”.

The call contributes to the overall objectives of ERA-NETs – including the mobility of researchers and practitioners between the countries and intensify researcher training, thereby increasing the quality of European research & innovation actions and their implementation in the market.

The overarching aim of the call is to support projects that will address the development and/or proof of concepts on novel strategies, methods, processes or products designed to support the forestry and forest-based industries including their respective partners, resellers, consumers and end-users in remaining competitive and efficient providers of sustainable bio-products and services. Currently underutilised potential in the forest-based sector shall be used to develop novel ideas and create new markets.

The co-funded joint transnational call will address the whole forest-based value chain in two areas (for focal topics for each of the themes, please see the Call text under “Links and downloads” below):

A. Innovative sustainable management of multifunctional forests

B. Innovative industrial production and processing technologies, products, concepts and services

As these topics covering the whole forest value chain are cross-cutting, applicants are encouraged to make best use of interdisciplinary systems approaches, and to take a look at improving the impact and integration of social research and economics in this sector.

As the following issues pertain to all parts of the value chain, they may be addressed in each part where appropriate: 

  • Digitalization (integration of the above topics with state-of-the-art information and communication technology across company boundaries)• Implications to and from EU and national policy frameworks for the Forest-based sector
  • Innovative business concepts (incl. business ecosystems) and value added esp. for rural areas
  • Organisation, harmonisation and standardisation of data storage, formats and protocols; Creation of meta-databases
  • Societal perceptions and dialogue about the forestry and wood production sector, its products and contributions towards a sustainable society
  • Future development of global circular bio-economy markets and their implication on the European forest based sector

Interdisciplinary collaboration and involvement of companies and stakeholders are highly welcome.

Consortia may cover basic and/or applied research and/or industrial research and development, close-to-market research and innovation actions. Please check the national annexes for specific national funding requirements.

Funding is available for innovative, industrially relevant research and development projects. This means that a significant step beyond the state of the art is an absolute pre-requisite.

Please note that some specific topics may be out of scope of a certain national programme! You should always check with all relevant funding organisations for your consortium before handing in a proposal.

Links and downloads

  • ForestValue Call text (PDF; version 171103 as of 3 Nov 2017; NB! MINECO (ES) funding commitment corrected). The call text includes all details among other things of the scope, rules for participation, eligibility, application & assessment, and funding with annexes of evaluation criteria, summary of funding options per participating funding organization, national contacts, and specific national rules.
  • ForestValue Call flyer (version 171103), PDF for printing.
  • ForestValue Electronic Submission System (ESS). The deadline for submission of pre-proposals to the ForestValue Call for proposals was January 23rd 2018 13:00 CET. The Electronic Submission System (ESS) is now closed.


ForestValue Call Office

The administration of the call is led by the ForestValue Call Office on behalf of all the funding partners. General enquiries about this call should be addressed to the call office by the email address .

The email address will reach the following persons as indicated in the Call text:

  • Carina Lemke, Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR)
  • Martin Greimel, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW)
  • Mika Kallio, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MMM)

For questions regarding national funding rules and national forms, please consult the Call text Annex IV: Specific National Rules. Additional information on national funding rules can be obtained from the contact persons at the participating funding organisations (see Call text Annex III: National Contacts).