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ForestValue2 logo

The visual identity of ForestValue2 is the ForestValue2’s logo to be used on official documents released within ForestValue2, for example call documents, deliverables, meeting agendas etc. The full title “ForestValue2 – Innovating forest-based bioeconomy” should be used when ForestValue2 is mentioned in the text for the first time.

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ForestValue newsletters

  • ForestValue Newsletter #10 December 2022 pdf
  • ForestValue Newsletter #9 June 2022 pdf
  • ForestValue Newsletter #8 November 2021 pdf
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ForestValue publications

Monograph publication on the impact of EU collaboration in the forest based sector pdf

Catalogue of Results (JC2017) – Promotional Flyer pdf

Catalogue of Results (JC2017) – Promotional Video YouTube

Catalogue of Results (JC2017) – Cutting-Edge Forest Technologies and Management Solutions link

Policy Brief (JC2017) – Increasing sustainability and resilience of European Forests and related value chains – Challenges and solutions in times of climate change pdf

WoodWisdom-Net+ publications

WW-Net+ Final Newsletter #May 2018 pdf

WW-Net+ Call – Final reports:
Forest production, resource management and logistics:

EU Hardwoods – European hardwoods for the building sector pdf
FASTFORESTS – Impacts of faster growing forests on raw material properties with consideration of the potential effects of a changing climate on species choice pdf
VARMA – Value added by optimal wood raw material allocation and processing pdf
W3B – Wood Believe – Social perceptions of the forest-based sector and its products towards sustainable society pdf

Timber construction

DuraTB – Durable timber bridges pdf
HCLTP – Hybrid cross laminated timber plates pdf
leanWood – Innovative lean processes and cooperation models for planning, production and maintenance of urban timber buildings pdf
Silent Timber Build – Silent timber buildings for the European market pdf
TallFacades – Tall timber facades, identification of cost-effective and resilient envelopes for wood constructions pdf
Wood2New – Competitive wood based interior materials and systems for modern wood construction pdf

Wood processing and treatments:

BIOCOPOL – Enhancing wood durability and physical properties through innovative bio-based sustainable treatments pdf
BIOCOPOL – Complementary report pdf
CaReWood – Cascading recovered wood pdf
CreoSub – New protection technology to substitute creosote for the protection of railway sleepers, timber bridges and utility poles pdf

Wood fibre-based materials and processing

AEROWOOD – Wood-based aerogels pdf
COMPAC – Plasticized lignocellulose composites for packaging materials pdf
COSEPA – Controlled separation and conversion processes for wood hemicelluloses pdf
HEMICELL – Wood based chemicals, in particular chemical modified hemicellulose, used as functional additives to enhance the material properties of cellulose esters pdf
LIGNOHTL – Liquid fuels from lignin by hydrothermal liquefaction and deoxygenetion pdf
PRONANOCELL – processes for nanocellulose composite manufacturing pdf
PSHAPES – Polysaccharide bioshapes – chemical design and shaping into new biomaterials pdf
ReWoBioRef – Mobilisation and utilization of recycled wood for ligno-cellulosic bio-refinery processes pdf
TunableFilms – Tunable lignocellulose-based responsive films pdf
WoTIM – Wood-based thermal insulation materials pdf

ERA-NET SUMFOREST publications

Sumforest Final Newsletter #Dec 2017 pdf

Brochure – Sumforest projects pdf


FORESTERRA Final Newsletter #Nov 2017 link


Bioeconomy: New Framework for Sustainable Growth in Latin America. (2019) pdf
Guy Henry, Elizabeth Hodson de Jaramillo, Eduardo Trigo, academic editors. Colombia: Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.
(The book is both in Spanish (front) and English (back))

SCAR Forest – Assessment of ERA-Nets and COST actions #March 2018 pdf