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Registrations are open!

From WoodWisdom-Net to ForestValue – 20 years of pioneering progress in European Forestry & Wood Tech Yes, the organization of ...
2024-05-31   |   News

ForestValue2 Newsletter #4 is now available

ForestValue2 Newsletter 04/2024 has been posted to our subscribers and you can read it online here. This issue includes invitation to ...
2024-05-17   |   News

Breakfast Club: Forest adaptation and mitigation capacity towards climate change effects on biodiversity conservation by promoting ex situ conservation of forest genetic resources

organized by “Marin Drăcea” National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry within the WP6 – Others joint activities of ...
2024-04-05   |   News

Mid-term achievements of ForestValue JC2021 WOOD for HEALTH project

Project WOOD for HELATH objectives were set to promote safe and increased use of wood products through the development of ...
2024-03-21   |   News

ForestValue2 is celebrating International Day of Forests

March 21st celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of all types of forest and trees outside forests for the ...
2024-02-12   |   Event

SAVE THE DATE – Conference in Berlin in early October!

We’ve got some pretty exciting news to share! Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we proudly present a grand ...
2024-02-01   |   News

Publication of our CREA partners in The Journal “Agriculture and Forestry” on the topic of a Scientific Cafés

The “Agriculture and Forestry” journal publishes scientific and review papers on agriculture, rural development, veterinary medicine, forestry, and biology. It ...
2024-01-17   |   News

ForestValue2 Newsletter #3 is now available

ForestValue2 Newsletter 03/2024 has been posted to our subscribers and you can read it online here. This issue includes Joint ...
2024-01-12   |   News

SCAR FOREST SWG preparing a new Candidate Partnership on Forests and Forestry

The SCAR Strategic Working Group on Forests and Forestry Research and Innovation (SCAR FOREST) is developing a European Partnership on ...
2024-01-09   |   News

Selection results of ForestValue2 Joint Call 2023 projects recommended for funding now available

With a total available budget of around EUR 6.8 million, 4 proposals have been recommended for funding (pending final funding ...
2024-01-02   |   News

ForestValue2 Joint Call 2023 – Proposals selected to be recommended for funding

The ForestValue2 transnational call for proposals, dedicated to advancing the sustainable utilisation of forests and their resources while promoting societal, ...
2023-12-22   |   News

2023 is coming to an end

ForestValue2 is grateful and proud of our achievements so far. Thank you all involved for fantastic journey and unselfish support.


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