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Project WOOD for HELATH objectives were set to promote safe and increased use of wood products through the development of antimicrobial surfaces, hygiene concepts and by providing the first extensive guideline for use of wood in healthcare buildings. This will be in response to demands from both the construction industry, investors and owners of healthcare buildings. The research team will explore the limits and potentials for wood products in healthcare buildings with an emphasis on surface aspects and use this exercise to develop a guideline. The aim of WOOD for HEALTH is to meet these requirements with wood products whose uncoated and coated surfaces are holistically characterised for their technical, environmental, and economic performance.

Projects 2nd NEWSLETTER contains insights on the research behind the opportunities for wood use in healthcare buildings.

During its second year first results started to emerge and clear plans for the rest of the project could be drawn. At the beginning of the year, testing of antimicrobial substances for activity was completed, then both established and new binder systems were used to prepare coatings with studied antimicrobial substances. Next, testing of new coatings for technical properties and antimicrobial activity using birch plywood as a coated substrate commenced and continued to the end of year.

These are such an interesting achievements, you can learn more about HERE.

Great example of wood use in healthcare building – Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.