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InCREased Service life of innovative TIMber Building systems

Coordinator: Dr. Stefania Fortino, Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT), Finland


Other partners: FI, IE, IT, NO, PL, SI
Duration: 2024-2027

Project objective: CRESTIMB aims to develop an innovative timber system suitable for multi-storey buildings with open spaces. The proposed system will include moment-resisting frames made of softwood or hardwood glue-laminated timber with innovative beam-to-column connections, and dowel cross laminated floor panels. With the objective to ensure an increased service life and the possibility of reuse, the long-term behaviour of the system components will be investigated with an advanced numerical model including the rheology of wood under variable indoor climates. The numerical analyses will be assisted by experiments on softwood and hardwood samples, as well as full size tests. The analysis results, in terms of creep deformations, moisture induced stresses and the related crack risk, will be made accessible through the VTT Modelling Factory environment and applied in environmental assessment studies including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).