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The role of forest recovery from biotic and abiotic threats for risk resilient management

Coordinator: Anja Rammig, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany
Anja.Rammig (at) tum.de

Other partners: SE, SI
Duration: 2022-2025 (to be confirmed)

Project objective: The aim of FORECO is to provide tools for identifying and operationalizing sustainable and multifunctional forest use and management strategies, which simultaneously consider ecological and economic risks arising from biotic and abiotic threats in the coming decades (i.e., drought, storm, bark beetles) and take into account forest recovery from disturbances. In close collaboration with local, national and EU-level stakeholders, the project will identify needs of forest practitioners, advisors and policy makers for evidence to inform adaptation strategies in face of increasing vulnerability of forests and uncertainty about the future.