JC 2017


From fundamentals to valorization: Enzymatic oxidation of cellulosic fibres and underlying mechanisms

Coordinator: Kristiina Kruus, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland
kristiina.kruus (at) aalto.fi

Other partners: AT, NO
Project duration: ...

JC 2017


Fast-tracking value and resilience for industrial wood supply

Coordinator: Dag Fjeld, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), Norway
dag.fjeld (at) nibio.no

Other partners: AT, SE
Project duration: 04/2019-12/2021

Project abstract:

The ...

JC 2017

hardwood joint

Innovative joints in hardwoods

Coordinator: Carmen Sandhaas, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology/ Timber Structures and Building Construction (KIT), Germany
carmen.sandhaas (at) kit.edu

Other partners: AT, FR, SE
Project duration: 02/2019-10/2022

Project abstract:

JC 2017


Innovative forest MAnagEment STRategies for a resilient bioecOnomy under climate change and disturbances (more…)
JC 2017


Innovative Design For the Future – Use and Reuse of Wood (Building) Components

Coordinator: Karin Sandberg, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Sweden
karin.sandberg (at) ri.se

Other partners: ES, DE, FI, IE, ...

JC 2017


Innovative Solutions for Cross Laminated Timber Structures

Coordinator: Boris Azinović, Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZAG), Slovenia
boris.azinovic (at) zag.si

Other partners: AT, DE, ES, SE
Project duration: 03/2019-09/2022

Project ...

JC 2017


Management for multifunctionality in European forests in the era of bioeconomy

Coordinator: Mikko Mönkkönen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
mikko.monkkonen (at) jyu.fi

Other partners: AT, DE, NO, SE
Project duration: 04/2019-10/2022

Project abstract: ...

JC 2017


Towards intensification of conifer production through multi-varietal forestry based on somatic embryogenesis

Coordinator: Andrea Rupps, HUB – Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin – Institut für Biologie, Germany
andrea.rupps (at) hu-berlin.de

Other partners: AR, ...

JC 2017


Novel business models and mechanisms for the sustainable supply of and payment for forest ecosystem services

Coordinator: Harald Vacik, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria
harald.vacik (at) boku.ac.at

JC 2017


Resource-Efficient And Data-driven integrated log and board Strength grading

Coordinator: Olof Broman, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
olof.broman (at) ltu.se

Other partners: AT, DE
Project duration: 01/2019-03/2022

Project abstract:

Efficient raw ...

JC 2017


Small diameter wood utilization with innovative stand management for multifunctional forests and a growing sustainable bio-economy

Coordinator: Tomas Nordfjell, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)/ Department of Forest Biomaterials and ...

JC 2017


A novel material concept for high strength cellulose composites

Coordinator: Ingo Burgert, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
iburgert (at) ethz.ch

Other partners: AT, FI, SE
Project duration: 02/2019-05/2022

Project abstract:

The main objective ...